Dr. Tom Smith

Dr Tom Smith

President & CEO

Dr. Tom Smith received a BS and MS degree in Geology from Iowa State University. His graduate research focused on a shallow refraction investigation of the Manson astrobleme. In 1971, he joined Chevron Geophysical as a processing geophysicist but resigned in 1980 to complete his doctoral studies in 3D modeling and migration at the Seismic Acoustics Lab at the University of Houston. Upon graduation with the Ph.D. in Geophysics in 1981, he started a geophysical consulting practice and taught seminars in seismic interpretation, seismic acquisition and seismic processing. Dr. Smith founded Seismic Micro-Technology in 1984 to develop PC software to support training workshops which subsequently led to development of the KINGDOM Software Suite for integrated geoscience interpretation with world-wide success.

The Society of Exploration Geologists (SEG) recognized Dr. Smith’s work with the SEG Enterprise Award in 2000, and in 2010, the Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH) awarded him an Honorary Membership. Iowa State University (ISU) has recognized Dr. Smith throughout his career with the Distinguished Alumnus Lecturer Award in 1996, the Citation of Merit for National and International Recognition in 2002, and the highest alumni honor in 2015, the Distinguished Alumni Award.  The University of Houston College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics recognized Dr. Smith with the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award.

In 2009, Dr. Smith founded Geophysical Insights, where he leads a team of geophysicists, geologists and computer scientists in developing advanced technologies for fundamental geophysical problems.  The company launched the Paradise® multi-attribute analysis software in 2013, which uses Machine Learning and pattern recognition to extract greater information from seismic data.

Dr. Smith has been a member of the SEG since 1967 and is a professional member of SEG, GSH, HGS, EAGE, SIPES, AAPG, Sigma XI, SSA and AGU. Dr. Smith served as Chairman of the SEG Foundation from 2010 to 2013.  On January 25, 2016, he was recognized by the Houston Geological Society (HGS) as a geophysicist who has made significant contributions to the field of geology.  He currently serves on the SEG President-Elect’s Strategy and Planning Committee and the ISU Foundation Campaign Committee for Forever True, For Iowa State.

Published Work by Dr. Tom Smith
Internal architecture of Permian Basin turbidites Thumbnail

Fabric and Internal Architecture of Permian Basin Turbidites Indicated by Unsupervised Machine Learning Analysis of P-P and SV-P Images

By Bob Hardage, Tom Smith, Diana Sava, Yi Wang, Rocky Roden, Gary Jones, and Sarah Stanley | Published with permission: Interpretation ...
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Advantages of Machine Learning with Multi Attribute Seismic Surveys Thumbnail-01

Advantages of Machine Learning with Multi-Attribute Seismic Surveys

Dr. Tom Smith explains the advantages of using machine learning to analyze multiple attributes of seismic surveys simultaneously, including specific ...
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Machine Learning Essentials Course

NEW e-Course by Dr. Tom Smith: Machine Learning Essentials for Seismic Interpretation

Dr. Tom Smith presents an e-course on Machine Learning Essentials for Seismic Interpretation originally hosted by the Geophysical Society of ...
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Holy Grail Slideshow Title Card

The Holy Grail of Machine Learning in Seismic Interpretation

Dr. Tom Smith shares the "Holy Grail" of Machine Learning in Seismic Interpretation with the Geophysical Society of Houston ...
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Title slide for geobodies in paradise

Geobodies in Paradise: a Machine Learning Application

Dr. Tom Smith presents "Geobodies in Paradise: a Machine Learning Application" at the 2018 SEG Convention in Anaheim, California. Dr ...
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Banner image for machine learning essentials with Tom Smith

Machine Learning Essentials for Seismic Interpretation | Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH) Webinar

A Live Webinar featuring, Dr. Tom Smith, President & CEO, Geophysical Insights - Machine Learning Essentials for Seismic Interpretation ...
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3-d machine learning seismic interpretation image

Machine Learning Revolutionizing Seismic Interpretation

Machine learning is enabling a new world of seismic interpretation as oil and gas activity pivots toward a new phase ...
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Geobody Interpretation Figure 1

Geobody Interpretation Through Multi-Attribute Surveys, Natural Clusters and Machine Learning

This paper sets out a unified mathematical framework for the process from seismic samples to geobodies ...
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Thumbnail of colorful neurons

Machine Learning – The Next Generation Seismic Interpretation

In the oil and gas exploration and reservoir replacement business – particularly at this time – we “must” place neural ...
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BEG Line 53 Full Classification - Copy

Self-Organizing Neural Nets for Automatic Anomaly Identification

Self-organizing maps are a type of unsupervised neural network which fit themselves to the pattern of information in multi-dimensional data ...
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