Hearing about the industry's challenges this year has almost become trite, but those concerns are valid and persist, even as Brent crude is about $48 today (18 Dec. 2020). And we in the oil and gas industry are acutely aware of the fundamentals: The pandemic depressed demand for hydrocarbons even as U.S. unconventionals and OPEC …

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Dr. Bob Hardage shares a memory from 1979 SEG Annual Meeting in New Orleans and then summarize factors that pushed him deeply into developing VSP technology.

Dr. Bob Hardage talks about Gal’perin’s sense of humor, his joy of life, and his first experience with a trampoline.

Dr. Bob Hardage compares the differences between his work at Phillips and that of Dr. Evsey Gal’perin in the Soviet Union.

Dr. Bob Hardage offered to pen a short history of Vertical Seismic Processing (VSP), and its re-emergence in the 1970s at the intersection of geophysics and cold-war era geopolitics between the U.S. and USSR.

Dr. Bob Hardage shared a remarkable story that highlighted the introduction of Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) in the U.S. and what was then the Soviet Union. Bob is injecting new life into VSP by leveraging machine learning, so it may very well be that technology finally caught up with the science, which is often the case.

Dr. Bob Hardage, one of our colleagues, recently shared a remarkable story that highlights the history of Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP).  Bob has been both a researcher and proponent of the technique since its inception in the mid-50’s.

Hal Green sharing an evocative question posed by Keith R. Holdaway and Duncan H. B. Irving in their book “Enhance Oil and Gas Exploration with Data-Driven Geophysical and Petrophysical Models”.

As part of our quarterly series on machine learning, we were delighted to have had Dr. Tao Zhao present applications of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) in a worldwide webinar on 20 March 2019 that was attended by participants on every continent.  Dr. Zhao highlighted applications in seismic facies classification, fault detection, and extracting large scale …

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