Geophysical Insights hosting the 2018 OIl & Gas Machine Learning Symposium in Houston on September 27, 2018
Dr. Tom Smith presenting on Machine Learning at the 3D Seismic Symposium on March 6th in Denver
What is the "holy grail" of Machine Learning in seismic interpretation? by Dr. Tom Smith, GSH Luncheon 2018
Using Attributes to Interpret the Environment of Deposition - A Video Course. Taught by Kurt Marfurt, Rocky Roden, and ChingWen Chen
Dr. Kurt Marfurt and Dr. Tom Smith featured in the July edition of AOGR on Machine Learning and Multi-Attribute Analysis

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July 20, 2017
New article in AOGR by Dr. Tom Smith and Dr. Kurt Marfurt on how machine learning, multi-attribute 3-D analysis are revolutionizing interpretation

May 31, 2017
New article in First Break by Rocky Roden and Dr. Ching Wen Chen on Interpretation of DHI Characteristics with Machine Learning

April 24, 2017
Press Release: Geophysical Insights launches the Attribute Generator with an library of advanced seismic attributes. 

April 8, 2017
Dr. Tom Smith receives the Natural Science & Mathematics Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Houston. Distinguished Alumni Awards are bestowed upon alumni of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics for exceptional achievement in their professional field, involvement in the community, and demonstrated innovative change to improve the lives of others through their work.

February 13, 2017
Deborah Sacrey wins the 2016 RMAG Best Speaker Award for her presentation on "Unsupervised Neural Analysis of Seismic Attributes to find the 'Sweet Spots' in Your Data - With Conventional and Unconventional Case Histories"

January 5, 2017
Seismic interpretation and machine learning by Rocky Roden and Deborah Sacrey in the December issue of GeoExPro

December 15, 2016
Benefits from pattern recognition and visualization by Tao Zhao and Kurt Marfurt. AAPG Explorer Magazine. December 2016 (p. 20-21)

October 18, 2016
Geophysical Insights licenses seismic attribute technology from AASPI consortium

October 3, 2016
See the new Paradise ad on page two of the September edition of the SPE Norway magazine: The First

January 25, 2015
Tom Smith recognized at the Houston Geological Society Legends Night

October 15, 2015
Article by Rocky Roden and Deborah Sacrey in the September edition of the Editor's Choice section for American Oil & Gas Reporter: Seismic Interpretation - Approach Aids Multi-Attribute Analysis 

May 4, 2015  
Distillation of Seismic Attributes two Geologic Significance city Rocky Roden, Offshore Technology Conference

January 15, 2015
Seismic pattern recognition in shale resource plays, city Rocky Roden and Deborah Sacrey in E & P Magazine

September 30, 2014
Dr. Tom Smith featured in GeoExPro magazine - (

December 28, 2013
Paradise in GEO Expro Magazine

On December 05, 2013
Seismic data - time to reconsider neural networks? Digital Energy Journal

November 19, 2013
Paradise featured in a special report on oil & gas computing in the American Oil & Gas Reporter

On October 16, 2013
Paradise featured in Rigzone - "New Geoscience Analysis Software Offers Insights two Reduce Exploration Risk"