Geophysical Insights Becomes Industry Member Sponsor for AASPI

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Geophysical Insights Becomes an Industry Member Sponsor for the
Attribute Assisted Seismic Processing & Interpretation Consortium

DENVER, CO – 1 JUNE, 2015 – Geophysical Insights, developer of Paradise®, a multi-attribute seismic analysis software platform, announced today at the 2015 American Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Convention & Exhibition that the company is now a member and sponsor of the Attribute Assisted Seismic Processing & Interpretation (AASPI) Consortium at the University of Oklahoma (OU).  AASPI is led by Dr. Kurt J. Marfurt, the Frank and Henrietta Schultz Chair and Professor of Geophysics at the ConocoPhillips School of Geology and Geophysics.

As a member and sponsor of AASPI, Geophysical Insights will support AASPI’s research on improved understanding of the impact of acquisition, processing, and imaging on seismic attributes.  In contrast to AASPI’s research work, the commercial, off-the-shelf Paradise software analyzes multiple attributes and well log data simultaneously to distill greater insights from the seismic response.  The technology development underway at Geophysical Insights and research at AASPI are viewed as complementary initiatives. The sponsorship funding will provide the time necessary for AASPI to evaluate emerging technologies that can influence costly drilling and completion decisions.

“We are delighted to be a member and sponsor of the AASPI Consortium,” said Dr. Tom Smith, President/CEO of Geophysical Insights. “The outstanding research being done at OU by Dr. Marfurt and his team are very much aligned with the principals and methods underlying our own aggressive technology development program. Our company’s participation in AASPI is also a great opportunity to invest in the next generation of geoscientists, and I encourage other like-minded companies to consider becoming a member in AASPI.”

“It’s great to have Geophysical Insights join our board of industry sponsors,” said Dr. Kurt Marfurt, Principal Investigator of AASPI. “Tom Smith is an industry thought leader on using pattern-recognition and machine learning methods to extract more information from multiple attributes, and I welcome his insights and the support of Geophysical Insights. We look forward to working with Tom and his staff to advance our research.”


About Geophysical Insights
Geophysical Insights ( ) develops pattern-recognition, machine-learning technologies to dramatically reduce exploration risks, field development costs, and the time required for interpretation. Paradise®, an off-the-shelf, multi-attribute seismic analysis software platform by Geophysical Insights, is the latest of the company’s developments. Launched commercially in late 2013, Paradise enables interpreters to easily apply advanced pattern recognition capabilities on multiple attributes through guided workflows, including Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA).  Among several unique capabilities, the Paradise software features a means of quantifying the relative contribution of attributes to a volume, and a unique, interactive 2D Colormap that is integral to the classification results from Paradise.  Together, these methods provide a straightforward tool for the interpreter to gain greater insights in the seismic response.  The company supports the effective use of Paradise by interpreters through installation services, geoscience consulting, and training.

About Attribute Assisted Seismic Processing & Interpretation
The Attribute Assisted Seismic Processing & Interpretation ( is a consortium at the University of Oklahoma. The goal of the consortium is to serve as a research component for independent and intermediate-sized oil and gas companies, domestic North American business units of large companies, and national oil companies dealing with imaging subtle structures in land data and shelf environments.

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