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Geophysical Insights Announces Launch of Paradise, New Geosciences Software

Houston, Texas – 23 September 2013 – Geophysical Insights, the Houston-based geosciences company, announced today the commercial launch of Paradise™.  Paradise is an advanced analysis software platform that promises to reduce the risk of exploring for hydrocarbons by providing geoscientists new insights in seismic and engineering data.   The product suite enables rapid analysis and comparison of different aspects of seismic and engineering data, while revealing complex and subtle relationships in the data.  Paradise executes and manages workflows based on advanced pattern recognition methods, including Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA). The suite features guided workflows, interactive world maps, 3D imaging, and a unique 2D color mapping capability that is integrated and interactive with 3D imaging. Over three years in development, Paradise is a scalable, client-server architecture that has been built to take advantage of multi-processing and to manage very large files (a.k.a. ‘Big Data’).  The software suite has been designed by a team of geoscientists and interpretation software specialists, and has been thoroughly tested in various geologic settings worldwide.  The new platform will enable geoscientists to work independently or collaboratively across an oil and gas enterprise.

“Paradise has been rigorously applied by our geoscientists in a wide variety of onshore and offshore geologic settings worldwide, including unconventional resource plays,” says Dr. Tom Smith, President and CEO of Geophysical Insights.  “We have excellent test results that give us confidence that Paradise will accelerate the creation of geoscience knowledge while substantially reducing exploration risk.  Applying Self-Organizing Maps running as background tasks, it is the only geosciences software that can operate on seismic-related files automatically as new data files are added to the system.  This capability will continuously generate new knowledge for an oil and gas business.  We are also proud to choose the annual meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) to announce the commercial launch of Paradise.”

About Geophysical Insights
Geophysical Insights ( develops and applies advanced analytic software technology for the oil and gas industry. Founded by Dr. Tom Smith in 2009, Geophysical Insights is taking the interpretation process to deeper levels of understanding.  Providing the Paradise™ software suite, consulting services, and training, the company specializes in developing software products that offer advanced pattern recognition methods to reduce the risk in exploring and developing hydrocarbons.    

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