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Geophysical Insights Launches Proves  the Effectiveness of New Technology for Seismic Interpretation based on Unsupervised Neural Networks

Houston, Texas – 2 May 2011 – Geophysical Insights, a company that develops and applies advanced analytic technology for seismic interpretation, announced today the launch of a campaign to prove the value of their unsupervised neural network technology in identifying the presence of hydrocarbons. The service – called “Prove It!” – is offered without charge to qualified E&P companies worldwide in an effort to introduce and demonstrate their new technology. Selected companies that participate in the no-cost program will submit a SEG-Y file that covers a broad area of interest. The consultants at Geophysical Insights then operate on that data using an unsupervised neural network, also called a self-organizing map (SOM). Geophysical Insights then presents a representative sample of one or two regions within the study area, which represents not more than 10% of the whole area. The areas highlighted in the results will have the highest likelihood of hydrocarbons being present. Background and rationale for the findings is also shared with the participating company. 

 “This program is a testament to the effectiveness of our technology,” says Dr. Tom Smith, President and founder of Geophysical Insights, who is also the founder of Seismic Micro Technology (SMT). “The fact that we are offering this service without charge to qualified E&P companies indicates our degree of confidence in our analysis. Several operators have already accepted our offer. At a minimum, those participating in the demonstration program will gain knowledge on how unsupervised neural networks are applied to seismic interpretation, but the upside is that we identify hydrocarbon prospects, or confirm what other analysis may have already revealed. So far, we have been able to identify prospective locations of hydrocarbons in every regional dataset on which we have operated.”

Companies interested in finding out more about the no-cost analysis are invited to visit to request information.

About Geophysical Insights
Geophysical Insights ( develops and applies advanced analytic technology for seismic interpretation to reduce the risk and time associated with oil & gas exploration. Offering consulting services and training, the company applies their analytic developments to the benefit of any energy-related companies who seek deeper insights into the results of seismic surveys.



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