Mrs. Deborah Sacrey will be part of the live Energy in Data 2022 Event in Austin, Texas

Energy in Data 2022 is an immersive three-in-one event for experiencing the impact of Big and Unstructured Data on the energy industry including CCUS, gas energy storage, geothermal, wind, solar, and oil and gas. Themes and topics will be focused on the integration of geoscience, data science and engineering, and endorsed by the three principal professional societies in the field (AAPG, SEG and SPE).

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About Deborah Sacrey

Auburn Energy

Deborah Sacrey is a geologist/geophysicist with 45 years of oil and gas exploration experience in the Texas, Louisiana Gulf Coast, and Mid-Continent areas of the US. She specializes in 2D and 3D interpretation for clients in the US and internationally. She started Auburn Energy in 1990 and built her first geophysical workstation using the Kingdom software in 1996. Deborah then worked closely with SMT (now part of IHS) for 18 years developing and testing Kingdom. Deborah has become an expert in the use of Paradise® software and has over five discoveries for clients using the technology.

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