Interpretation, Attributes and Machine Learning

Paradise Essentials

Instructor(s): Sarah Stanley, Sr. Geophysicist
Cost: $1,500

Paradise Essentials is a two-day introductory course that equips geoscientists and engineers to use the major ThoughtFlows™ and become acquainted with the basic capabilities of the machine learning platform. Students are trained in applying Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to a group of attributes to identify the most significant attributes in the set, then running, viewing and analyzing Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs) on selected attributes using different neural network configurations.  The capstone of the course is using the SOM results to apply the geobody analysis tools and calculate volumetrics. 

Interpretation Workshop

Instructor(s): Deborah Sacrey, Auburn Energy
Cost: $1,500

The Interpretation Workshop aims to equip geoscientists to interpret in Paradise using multi-attribute analysis by focusing on at least two projects in different geologic settings.  The course will highlight the importance of using multiple attributes to extract more information from the seismic response.

Course objectives and topics to be covered:

  • Demonstrate the capabilities of Paradise vs. traditional interpretation tools.
  • Instruct in the applications of Paradise in different geologic settings.
  • Learn the details of interpreting in Paradise
  • Work in 2D and 1D Colorbars
  • Export to an interpretation package – Kingdom and Petrel
  • Export a neural masks

Generation and Application of Seismic Attributes in Paradise

Instructor(s): Dr. ChingWen Chen & Gary Jones
Cost: $1,500

As the name indicates, this course exercises the Attribute Generator in Paradise to generate, understand, and apply the various classes of attributes available in the comprehensive Paradise attribute library. Those interested in taking this course should have taken the Paradise Essentials course, logged extensive experience with Paradise, and/or viewed the set of online Paradise training videos.



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