What is Machine Learning?

What is Machine Learning?

If you’re new to Machine Learning, let’s start at the top. The whole field of artificial intelligence is broken up into two categories – Strong AI and Narrow AI. Strong AI is coming up with a robot that looks and behaves like a person. Narrow AI, or “neural...
Distillation of Seismic Attributes to Geologic Significance

Distillation of Seismic Attributes to Geologic Significance

Seismic attributes identify many geologic features in seismic data where PCA helps identify optimal attributes and help determine which attributes to use in a multi-attribute analysis using SOM. The process in Paradise reveals natural clustering by pattern recognition in the data helping define aspects like stratigraphy, seismic facies, DHI features and sweet spots for shale.

From Insights to Foresights

From Insights to Foresights

Risks and rewards are evenly poised in the hydrocarbons industry, and along with oil and gas companies, probably no one understands the nuances better than Tom Smith, founder and president of Geophysical Insights.



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