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Patricia Santogrossi is a geoscientist who has enjoyed 40 years in the oil business. She is currently a Consultant to Geophysical Insights, producer of the Paradise multi-attribute analysis software platform. Formerly, she was a Leading Reservoir Geoscientist and Non-operated Projects Manager with Statoil USA E & P. In this role Ms. Santogrossi was engaged for nearly nine years in Gulf of Mexico business development, corporate integration, prospect maturation, and multiple appraisal projects in the deep and ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Ms. Santogrossi has previously worked with domestic and international Shell Companies, Marathon Oil Company, and Arco/Vastar Resources in research, exploration, leasehold and field appraisal as well as staff development. She has also been Chief Geologist for Chroma Energy, who possessed proprietary 3D voxel multi-attribute visualization technology, and for Knowledge Reservoir, a reservoir characterization and simulation firm that specialized in Deepwater project evaluations. A longtime member of SEPM, AAPG, GCSSEPM, HGS and SEG, Ms. Santogrossi has held various elected and appointed positions in these industry organizations. She has recently begun her fourth three-year term as a representative to the AAPG House of Delegates from the Houston Geological Society (HGS). In addition, she has been invited to continue her role this fall on the University of Illinois’ Department of Geology Alumni Board. Ms. Santogrossi was born, raised, and educated in Illinois before she headed to Texas to work for Shell after she received her MS in Geology from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Her other ‘foreign assignments’ have included New Orleans and London. She resides in Houston with her husband of twenty-four years, Joe Delasko.

Published Work by Patricia Santogrossi
Austin chalk SOM image

The Value of Instantaneous Attributes

Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) is a relatively new approach for seismic interpretation in our industry and should not be confused with ...
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Eagle Ford Case Study

Latest Technology for Seismic Interpretation: Direct detection & delineation of facies architecture in the Eagle Ford Group or How did ...
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2D Color Map

First Steps in the Sub-Seismic Resolution of the Eagle Ford, Part I

Using machine learning to analyze 5 instantaneous attributes helped reveal patterns across 5 instantaneous attributes and unique Eagle Ford facies ...
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seismic interpretation in the eagle ford, part 2 -01

Detailed Sub-Seismic Resolution in the Eagle Ford Shale and Identification of Under-Explored Geobodies, Part 2

Results of a Self-Organizing Map (SOM) of many instantaneous attributes to reveal different types of facies and shale that apply ...
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Seismic Interpretation of the Eagle Ford

Resolution of Faults in the Eagle Ford, Part 3

Applying Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Self-Organizing Map (SOM) process to show faults on the base amplitude seismic survey and ...
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Eagle Ford Case Study

Stratigraphic and Structural Resolution Using Instantaneous Attributes on Spectral Decomp Sub-Bands, Buda and Austin Chalk Formations, Part 4

Concurrent analysis of multiple attributes through machine learning to spectral decomposition sub-bands and other geology that apply attributes for stratigraphic ...
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