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Paradise AI Workbench on Demand

The Paradise AI workbench

Secured & Amazon Servers
• Recognize thin reservoirs
• Delineate fields and new prospects
• Detect faults and fracture trends
• Identify stratigraphy and facies
• Correlate ML results to well logs
• Improve reserve estimates

Works In Any Geologic Setting – Conventional and Unconventional

• Upload your data to the cloud
• Apply Paradise tools
• Pay for only the time you use
• Download your result files

Geophysical Insights staff will assist your company throughout the process, from data loading to final interpretation.

Attribute Generation

Generate attributes to extract meaningful geological information and as input into machine learning analysis

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RGB Blending

Highlight geologic features in 3D by blending up to three attribute volumes

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Identify attributes having the highest variance and contribution among a set of attributes in a geologic setting

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Classify multiple attribute volumes simultaneously utilizing Self-Organizing Maps (SOM), an unsupervised machine learning process

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2D Colormap

Display the Neural Classes (topology) and their associated colors resulting from Multi-Attribute Classification that indicate the distribution of related facies

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Estimate the volume of reserves/resources and geologic features

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Seismic Facies

Capture facies based on distinctive seismic patterns using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) deep learning technology

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Detect Faults automatically with deep learning and machine learning processes

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Paradise Well Log Viewer Icon

Compare machine learning classification results and other seismic attributes to traditional well logs

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GPU Computing

Generate geometric and spectral decomposition attributes on a cluster of compute nodes in a fraction of the time on a single machine

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Petrel Connector

Move data between Paradise and Petrel easily and conveniently

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Write and save scripts that can be run by the Paradise AI engine using over 600 geoscience, machine learning, and data analysis commands

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