Application of Unsupervised Machine Learning for 3D Seismic, Pliocene Turbidities, Offshore Nile Delta


Sr Field is a gas field located 100 km offshore west Nile Delta, within the West Delta Deep Marine (WDDM) concession of Shell (Rashid/ El-Burullus joint venture). The water depth ranging from 500-1000 meters.

The Field was penetrated by 4 wells, two of them are exploration wells (So-1 & Sr-1) and the other two are development wells (Sr-a & Sir-c). It is a stratigraphic Pliocene channel of 35-40 km length and 500- 100-meter width, with a clastic sand reservoir of 100-200 meter thickness. The filed is covered by 3D seismic of good quality. One segment of this channel has about 0.65 TCF of gases and three wells from the four wells are included at this segment.

The channel was conventionally mapped using Hampson Russel Spectral decomposition. Unsupervised machine learning is recently used for clustering the data and isolate the channel using the Paradise® software from Geophysical Insights.

Spectral magnitude, spectral voice, spectral phase, sweetness, energy ratio similarity, and Envelop are were identified by Principal Component Analysis (PCA) as having the highest energy in the region of interest. These attributes were then classified simultaneously over the reservoir zone using the Self Organizing Map (SOM) application, a form of machine learning.

Application of the unsupervised Machine learning using SOM clearly demonstrate the strike and geomorphology of the Pliocene marine turbidities. The southern segment of the channel penetrated with the three wells are very well defined after posting the wells. No significant difference on the neurons (hexagons) at the locations of the three wells which reflects the similarity of reservoir nature, thickness, sand content and pay thickness. A significant other channel is resolved to the east of the main channel that is not detected using the conventional spectral decomposition.

Ali Bakr
Dr. Ali Bakr
CEO – Rockserv

Ali is the CEO of RockServ for petroleum services based in Cairo. He has a PhD in Exploration seismology from Cairo-Leister University and Geology B.Sc., from Alexandria University. He worked at many different scale companies included Shell, Phillips, Apache, Phoenix, IPR and many Joint Ventures. Has a 40 years oil and gas exploration and development industry and leads many true oil finder groups in Egypt, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. He is a teaching professor at the American University in Cairo, Ain Shams, Alexandria and Cairo Universities.

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