Instructor(s): Sarah Stanley, Sr. Geophysicist and Dr. ChingWen Chen, Sr. Geoscientist
Cost: $1,500
Dates: 20 and 21 February 2019

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The Paradise Workshop aims to equip geoscientists to interpret in Paradise using multi-attribute analysis by focusing on at least two projects in different geologic settings. The course will highlight the importance of using multiple attributes to extract more information from the seismic response.

Course Outline: Day 1

  • Load the base volumes and interpretation files
  • Introduction to Attribute Generation and Advanced Attributes
  • Discuss attributes in different geologic settings and attribute families
  • Run PCA and highlight the importance of parentage
  • Run multiple SOMs with different neural configurations and attribute recipes to identify stratigraphic and geologic features
  • Compare classification results to well logs
  • Presentation on Eagle Ford

Course Outline: Day 2

  • Case histories presentation
  • Continue SOM and individual work
  • Introduce details of colorbars and workspaces, including translating between the Paradise 2D Colormap and 1D colorbars
  • when exporting Workspaces
  • Export results to interpretation packages to continue the interpretation

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Want more information about Paradise Training?

Paradise Essentials

This introductory two day course to Paradise enables geoscientists and engineers to use the major workflows and become acquainted with the basic capabilities of the multi-attribute analysis platform. Students will be trained in applying Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to a group of attributes to identify the most significant attributes in the set, then running, viewing and analyzing Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs) on selected attributes using different neural network configurations.

Generation and Application of Seismic Attributes in Paradise

As the name indicates, this course exercises the Attribute Generator in Paradise to generate, understand, and apply the various classes of attributes available in the comprehensive Paradise attribute library. Those interested in taking this course should have taken the Paradise Essentials course, logged extensive experience with Paradise, and/or viewed the set of online Paradise training videos.