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Seismic Attributes for the Environment of Deposition - a Video Course

Instructors: Dr. Kurt Marfurt, Rocky Roden, and Dr. ChingWen Chen
Cost: $99

The evaluation of seismic attributes is a powerful tool in the interpretation of different geologic environments of deposition. Seismic attributes, specifically geometric and spectral decomposition attributes, provide a framework for interpreting geologic features that define depositional environments. This video course identifies the appropriate seismic attributes for various geologic settings and describes how these attributes are applied. Lecture and demonstrations cover the use of attributes in interpretation workflows and manipulate attribute parameters to highlight geologic features. The last video segment of the course describes how sets of attributes are analyzed and classified using multi-attribute, Machine Learning processes to extract more information from the seismic response.

In this 10-part video series, leading experts demonstrate the applications of attributes. The $99 registration fee allows access to all course content – both videos and powerpoints, for 7 days. Click the link to purchase your access.



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