We have several excellent activities scheduled for the 100th AAPG ACE annual convention in Houston this year. If you are planning on attending, please drop by our booth for…

  • Technical presentations by industry thought leaders
  • Dramatic advances in machine learning and interpretation
  • Happy Hour Monday and Tuesday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Deborah Sacrey

Senior Geoscientist

Finding Oil & Gas Using Multi-Attribute Analysis

Dr. ChingWen Chen

Senior Geophysicist

An Introduction to the World of Attributes: Applications and Case Studies

Patricia Santogrossi

Senior Geoscientist

Stratigraphic Architecture and Classification/Corroboration of Facies in the Eagle Ford: A Case Study

Rocky Roden

Senior Consulting Geophysicist

Seismic Interpretation Below Tuning with Multi-Attribute Analysis

Blaine Taylor

Senior Geophysicist

Calibrate Classification Results to Well Logs in Paradise

Hal Green

Director Marketing / BD

An Introduction to Multi-Attribute Analysis – Tour Paradise