Watch videos of Presentations from SEG 2017
Using Attributes to Interpret the Environment of Deposition - A Video Course. Taught by Kurt Marfurt, Rocky Roden, and ChingWen Chen
Dr. Kurt Marfurt and Dr. Tom Smith featured in the July edition of AOGR on Machine Learning and Multi-Attribute Analysis
Rocky Roden and Ching Wen Chen in May edition of First Break - Interpretation of DHI Characteristics using Machine Learning
Seismic interpretation and machine learning by Rocky Roden and Deborah Sacrey, GeoExPro, December 2016

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SEG 2017 - Houston

Building the Attribute Library for Identifying the Depositional Environment

Dr. Kurt Marfurt | Principal Investigator, AASPI Consortium at The University of Oklahoma

Multi-Attribute Stacking and SOM for Enhanced Seismic Resolution

Dr. Tom Smith | President / CEO, Geophysical Insights

Advancements in Seismic Reservoir Characterization with Machine Learning

Rocky Roden | Sr. Consulting Geophysicist, Geophysical Insights

Seismic Interpretation and Machine Learning: What Do I Need to Know?

Rocky Roden | Sr. Consulting Geophysicist, Geophysical Insights

Best Practices in the Application of Machine Learning to Finding Hydrocarbons

Deborah Sacrey | Sr. Geoscientist, Geophysical Insights

Identifying Attributes for the Geologic Setting

Dr. ChingWen Chen | Sr. Geophysicist, Geophysical Insights

An Introduction to Multi-Attribute Classification and Analysis- Hal Green

Hal Green | Director - Marketing/BD, Geophysical Insights