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Installing SQL Server 2012 SP2 for Paradise

1) Before installing the ParadiseIsland instance of SQL Server, it is best to reboot the computer that you are installing on.  It is important not to skip this step.

It is also important to note that whichever user, that that the service user account for the ParadiseIsland service is set up to run under, requires a SQL Server  login with a UserRole defined as “sysadmin.”   When you run this installer, the user that is logged onto the computer will have the necessary SQL Server login created automatically with the necessary sysadmin user role defined.  So ideally, whomever is logged in when this SQL Server installer is run, that user should be the same user that will be the owner of the ParadiseIsland service when Paradise is installed.

More simply put, just make sure that the user name that you are logged in as when you run this SQL Server installer is the same user name that is later specified for the ParadiseIsland service when you run the Paradise installer, so that the correct SQL Server login and permissions are automatically set up.

2) After rebooting, navigate to the “Downloads” folder in Windows Explorer, or whichever folder that you saved the sqlServerForParadise install executable to, select and right-click on the sqlServerForParadise installation executable.   Select “Run as administrator.”

3) Select “Yes” to begin the sqlServerForParadise installation.

 4) Click “Next” to progress.

5) Click “Next” to progress.

6) Click “Install” to initiate the installation.

7)  Click “Finish” to complete the sqlServerForParadise installation.