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Installing SQL Server 2012 SP2 for Paradise

1) Before installing the ParadiseIsland instance of SQL Server, reboot the computer that it is being installed on.  **Important**: DO NOT skip this step.

Notes about credentials: 

In order to create the necessary permissions, please go through this installation logged in with the same credentials that will later be used to run the ParadiseIsland service. When the installer is run, the user that is logged onto the computer will have the necessary SQL Server login created automatically with the necessary sysadmin user role defined.  

2) After rebooting, navigate to the folder where sqlServerForParadise is saved (by default, the “Downloads” folder in Windows Explorer), select and right-click on the sqlServerForParadise installation executable. Select “Run as administrator.”

3) Select “Yes” to begin the sqlServerForParadise installation.

 4) Click “Next” to progress.

5) Click “Next” to progress.

6) Click “Next” to install to the default locations, or use the “Change” buttons to select a custom path to install to.


7) If a SQL instance is already installed on the computer, only the “Instance root directory” can be specified as a custom path for the ParadiseIsland SQL Server instance.


8) Click “Install” to initiate the installation.

9)  Click “Finish” to complete the sqlServerForParadise installation.

Command Line Installation

An alternative way to install the ParadiseIsland instance of SQL Server 2012 With Tools SP2, is through the command prompt window.  The user can download the SQL Server 2012 with Tools SP2 (version 11.0.5058.0) installation executable from Microsoft, and run this executable form the command prompt window.  Paradise uses the following command line parameters in the installer for the ParadiseIsland instance of SQL Server 2012 With Tools SP2:


If you want to specify any custom folders to install to, the following parameters can be used.  (A complete list of setup parameters can be found in the Microsoft documentation regarding installing SQL Server from the Command Prompt.)

/INSTALLSHAREDDIR   Specifies a nondefault installation directory for 64-bit shared components. 

Default is %Program Files%\Microsoft SQL Server

Cannot be set to %Program Files(x86)%\Microsoft SQL Server

/INSTALLSHAREDWOWDIR  Specifies a nondefault installation directory for 32-bit shared components. Supported only on a 64-bit system.

Default is %Program Files(x86)%\Microsoft SQL Server

Cannot be set to %Program Files%\Microsoft SQL Server

/INSTANCEDIR Specifies a nondefault installation directory for instance-specific components.

An example of using these parameters that specify custom folders for a ParadiseIsland instance install of SQL Server 2012 with Tools SP2 is: