Geophysical Insights at EAGE 2017 in Paris, Booth #350
Rocky Roden and Ching Wen Chen in May edition of First Break - Interpretation of DHI Characteristics using Machine Learning
Deborah Sacrey wins the 2016 RMAG Best Speaker Award
Seismic interpretation and machine learning by Rocky Roden and Deborah Sacrey, GeoExPro, December 2016
Deborah Sacrey Speaking at the CAPA Technical Symposium, November 4, 2016

Downloading Paradise 3.1 and SQL Server 2012

1) Copy the following link into your browser and hit “Enter.”

2) Enter in your email address, and your “Paradise Portal” password.  (The default password for users is “Paradise”.)

3) Click on the “Request Token” item associated with the Paradise 3.1 release underneath the “Current Releases” heading.

4) After you click on “Request Token,” click on the “Download” item associated with the Paradise 3.1 release.

5) Copy the 6-digit password token from the email that has been sent to your email address, and enter it in the “Enter Token” edit field.  Then click the “Download” button.

6) Depending on the version of Windows operating system that you are using, you may be prompted to either “Save” or “Run” the Paradise installation executable.  Select “Save” to save the Paradise installation executable.  Do not select “Run” to run the Paradise installation executable at this point.