Geophysical Insights hosting the 2018 OIl & Gas Machine Learning Symposium in Houston on September 27, 2018
Dr. Tom Smith presenting on Machine Learning at the 3D Seismic Symposium on March 6th in Denver
What is the "holy grail" of Machine Learning in seismic interpretation? by Dr. Tom Smith, GSH Luncheon 2018
Using Attributes to Interpret the Environment of Deposition - A Video Course. Taught by Kurt Marfurt, Rocky Roden, and ChingWen Chen
Dr. Kurt Marfurt and Dr. Tom Smith featured in the July edition of AOGR on Machine Learning and Multi-Attribute Analysis
 Kurt Marfurt discussing the analysis of seismic attributes with machine learning @EAGE2018

Kurt Marfurt discussing the analysis of seismic attributes with machine learning @EAGE2018


EAGE 2018 Presentations

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Solving interpretation problems with machine learning

Paradise is a step-change in the way seismic interpretation is done, solving complex geologic problems, using machine learning for classification of multiple attributes on the sample level.  With Paradise, interpreters can:

  • Identify thin beds

  • Isolate geobodies

  • See detailed stratigraphy

  • Reveal Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (DHIs)

  • Analyze reservoir properties

  • Expose faults and fracture trends

  • Isolate pressure-related facies

See a Paradise Demo

With Paradise, we have detected new opportunities and the results can be used to identify specific intervals of interest.
— Asset Manager Major | U.S. Oil Producer

Key Features of Paradise




High Performance Computing (HPC)

Advanced Library.png

Advanced Attribute Library

Isolate and investigate areas of interest in the SOM results.

  • Investigate geobodies at the sample level of each neuron
  • Capture details on areas of interest, including volumetrics and statistics
  • Edit/clean up selected geobodies by filling in areas or pruing extraneous samples
  • Export areas of interest to an interpretation system

With an increase in the size of data volumes, traditional servers and workstations can limit the speed of interpretation. The new Paradise HPC capability enables the generation of geometric and spectral decomposition attributes on clusters of machines, dramatically reducing computation time.

Seismic attributes provide a framework for interpreting geologic features that define depositional environments. The Paradise Attribute Generator makes a library of over 100 attributes readily accessible.


To improve your interpretation results and use the latest in artificial intelligence to get the most out of your data, test drive Paradise today.