Geophysical Insights hosting the 2018 Oil & Gas Machine Learning Symposium in Houston on September 27, 2018
Introduction to Machine Learning for Multi–Attribute Interpretation and AASPI attributes - A 1-day, DGS Continuing Education course in Denver, CO on September 18th
Dr. Tom Smith presenting on Machine Learning at the 3D Seismic Symposium on March 6th in Denver
What is the "holy grail" of Machine Learning in seismic interpretation? by Dr. Tom Smith, GSH Luncheon 2018
Using Attributes to Interpret the Environment of Deposition - A Video Course. Taught by Kurt Marfurt, Rocky Roden, and ChingWen Chen

Seismic Interpretation of DHI Characteristics with Machine Learning

Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (DHIs) are seismic anomalies due to the presence of hydrocarbons, caused by changes in rock physic properties, typically of the hydrocarbon-filled reservoir in relation to the encasing rock or the brine portion of the reservoir. The accurate interpretation of DHI characteristics has proven to significantly improve the success rates of drilling commercial wells.

Seismic Interpretation Below Tuning with Multi-Attribute Analysis

This international webinar describes how multi-attribute seismic analysis is applied using the Paradise® software to visualize thin beds and facies below classical seismic tuning thickness. The material is presented by Mr. Rocky Roden, an industry thought leader and Senior Consulting Geophysicist for Geophysical Insights.

Profile of the Future Interpreter: A movie by Dr. Kurt Marfurt of the AASPI Consortium, O.U.

Dr. Kurt Marfurt of the AASPI Consortium presents an example of how new interpreters are using machine learning to enhance seismic interpretation Full Video Transcription: [Murphy] Hey Dr. M, I've got a problem. I'm trying to map sand prone areas in a deep-water turbidite and I don't know where to start.

Seismic Facies of the Eagle Ford Texas

A presentation by Patricia Santogrossi at the Houston Geological Society (HGS) North American dinner covering seismic facies in the Eagle Ford.

Attribute Essentials: History and Theory

The origins of seismic attributes and the theory behind how they are calculated. For more information, please visit our website

Attribute Essentials: Categories of Attributes

For more information, please visit our website

Eagle Ford Formation Case Study

Latest Technology for Seismic Interpretation: Direct detection & delineation of facies architecture in the Eagel Ford Group or How did the Eagle Ford GP get Made?

An Introduction to Paradise 3.0

Paradise is multi-attribute analysis software that uses machine learning processes to extract more information from the seismic response, even below seismic resolution. Using Paradise, interpreters are able to analyze multiple attributes simultaneously and calibrate results to wells quickly.