Geophysical Insights reduces the time and risk of exploration

Geophysical Insights applies advanced analytic methods and technology with deep experience in seismic interpretation to reduce the time and risk of exploration. Founded by Dr. Tom Smith in 2009, Geophysical Insights is taking the interpretation process to deeper levels of understanding. We are applying advanced geophysics and new interpretation methods to address four important areas of geologic analysis, including identifying rock lithologies and fluid contents. Our consultants leverage advanced technologies with extensive experience to deliver practical solutions to difficult interpretation challenges.

Applications of our technologies include:

  • Predicting rock lithologies and their associated fluids
  • Performing a complete analysis of seismic attributes with well log data
  • Integrating seismic data in reservoir simulation
  • Incorporating microseismic events with other seismic data

Our insights are delivered through collaborative consulting services. Geophysical Insights serves exploration & production companies, consultants, seismic service companies, and investors in oil & gas properties.

Contact us to explore how the advanced pattern recognition workflows in Paradise can reduce exploration risk and learn more about Paradise QuickStart Solution

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